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The NaO Damped U-Frame, Quasi-Cardioid Woofer
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Figure 1. Front and rear response of the unequalized NaO II U-frame woofer without damping.
Figure 2. Front, rear and summed on axis response of unequalized, undamped U-frame woofer system.
Figure 3. Front and rear response of damped, unequalized U-frame woofer.
Figure 4. Checking the damping to provide the correct internal delay.
Figure 5. Summed, on axis, unequalized front and rear response of the damped U-frame.
Figure 6. Equalized response of damped U-frame woofer system: Blue, on axis; Green, 90
degrees off axis; Red 180 degrees (behind the woofer).
1. Backman, J. Low-frequency polar pattern control for improved in room response, AES
paper 5867, 115th AES Convention, October, 2003.
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