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System: NaO Note NaO II RS NaO Note II RS
Woofer Dual 10" XXLS
Peerless 835016
Single or Dual 10" XXLS
Peerless 835016
Dual 10" SLS
Peerless 830668
Midrange Seas ER18RNX Scan Speak 18W8545 Scan Speak Discovery
Mid/tweeter coupler ScanSpeak Discovery
N/A ScanSpeak Discovery
Front Tweeter Neo 3 PDR
(open back)
Seas T25  Millenium Peerless or Tymphany
Rear Tweeter N/A Seas 27TDFC Peerless Tympany
Woofer Format Damped U-Frame Damped U-frame N-frame Dipole
Woofer Aligment 3rd order Bessel High Pass,
-3dB @ 30 Hz
-6dB @ 22 Hz
Staggered pole
Q= 0.5, Fc = 25Hz 2nd order with
transition to 3rd order below 20
4th order Butterworth
Fc = 30 Hz
Woofer/Mid x-o Nominal 110 Hz Nominal 120 Hz Nominal 110 Hz
Mid/Coupler x-o Nominal 1k Hz N/A Nominal 1k Hz
Mid/Tweeter x-o N/A Nominal 2.2K Hz N/A
Coupler/Tweeter x-o Nominal 6.8k Hz N/A Nominal 6k Hz
Panel  Format 3.5 way MMCT Dipole MTM Dipole 3 way MCT Dipole
Sensitivity @ 1k Hz** 89 dB/M/2.83V 88 dB/M/2.83V 90 dB/M/2.83V
NaO Speakers

NaO II RS Design Objectives
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NaO Note II RS Design Objectives
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NaO Digital

NaO Mini Design Objectives
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NaO U-Frame Woofer

NaO Hybrid Design Approach

NaO U-frame Design

NaO Specifications

* Subject to change

** Sensitivity is based on 2.83V applied at the input of the ACEU. Due to the  
hybrid design approach actual sensitivity is frequency dependent.