Summary of the revised NaO Note II RS:

4-way, fully active speaker.

Woofer system: Two Peerless SLS 830668 coated paper cone woofers per speaker in a damped U-frame
quasi-cardioid format.
(Optionally two XXLS 835016 aluminum cone woofers may be substituted at increased cost.)

Low frequency cut off:  4th order, -3 dB at 30 Hz, -6dB at 26 Hz.

Dimensions: Height: 46", Width 12 1/2", Depth at base 17 1/2" (with grills on).

Main Panel:

Lower Midrange: One ScanSpeak Discovery 22W/8534 per speaker

Upper midrange: One ScanSpeak Discovery 10F/4424G per speaker

Tweeter: One Vifa OX20SC00 soft dome front tweeter per speaker. (A rear tweeter with wave guide option is included in the plans.)

Crossover: Woofer to lower mid: LR4 acoustic; Upper mid to tweeter,LR4 acoustic; Lower mid to upper mid coupler: User selectable,1st ,
2nd, 4th order electrical or 4th order acoustic, depending on the configuration file loaded to the miniDSP.

Recommended hardware: miniDSP 2x8,  or miniDSP 4x10 Hd.

Crossover frequencies: 110 Hz, 1k Hz, and 6k Hz

Crossover type: Various configurations supplied. Digital delay offset compensation. All drivers connected to amplifier in phase. Phase
inversion, if required, is performed in the miniDSP.

Projected system cost: A complete stereo pair of NaO Note II RS speakers should be able to be built for approximately $1400, less
          amplifiers. Some variation should be expected depending on specific choice of materials and additional hardware.
The NaO Note II RS,
The next development from the leader in extended range
dipoles speakers.
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