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Following the concepts originally applied in the NaO Note Music and Design is please to present the revision to the NaO Note, the Note II RS,
The NaO Note                                                             Note II RS Prototype Revealed       
Introduced October, 2010                                                  October 21, 2012
Note II Rs with grill.
(Camera flash reveals
grill frame.) Mouse
over shows speaker
w/o grill. Shown with
XLS woofers.
The NaO Note II RS,
The next development from the leader in extended range dipoles speakers.
1st order Coupler
2nd order Coupler
4th order Coupler
Overlay of the 3 coupled responses
Group Delay comparison
Red - 1st order
Green - 2nd order
Blue - 4th order
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NaO Note II RS Design Objectives
NaO Note II RS Details

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